I am a writer + director from Brazil based in Berlin. After creatively assisting some big names in Brazil and UK such as ALASKA (Iconoclast), Kid Burro (Stink), Lucrecia Taormina (Pretty Bird), Gui Bohn (Landia) and Carlão Busato (Surreal Hotel Arts) I’ve started shooting my own films which I usually executive produce, write and direct. My passion lies in creating a strong catchy narrative mixed with suspense and directing the actors in the scene.

My latest work is THEY DON’T COME IN PEACE, a short supported by Kodak Shoot Film, which we shot in 16mm in the outskirts of Sao Paulo. It got selected for over 11 festivals (one of them a Oscar® Qualifier) in 4 different countries and won 5 prizes in 3 different festivals including best film.