A short film written and directed by me and Victor Silva, which we filmed in 2021 and in 16mm with the support from Kodak.

Synopsis: As two brothers watch a news cast about extra terrestrial beings, the older brother uses the opportunity to make an analogy about their world being invaded by unwelcome visitors.

—Original soundtrack by Deekapz
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Official Selections:

–2º FIC Rio | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
–3º FestCine de Itaúna | Itaúna, Brazil
–17º Short to the Point Film Festival | Targu Mures, Romania
–4º Dumbo Film Festival | New York, United States
–33º Kinoforum | Sao Paulo, Brazil
–1º Sinistro Film Festival | Fortaleza, Brazil
–20º Vancouver Latin American Film Festival | Vancouver, Canada
–3º Kansas City Underground Film Festival | Kansas City, United States
–16º CineBH | Belo Horizonte, Brazil
–5º Mostra SESC de Cinema | Sao Paulo, Brazil
–17º FestAruanda | João Pessoa, Brazil
–16º Holly Shorts Film Festival | Los Angeles, United States | Oscar Qualifying
–1.4 Awards | London, United Kingdom


–Best script | FIC Rio (Brazil)
–Best short under 5’| FIC Rio (Brazil)
–Best script | Festcine Itaúna (Brazil)
–Best actor (Dante Preto) | Festcine Itaúna (Brazil)
–Best Thriller/Mistery | Short to the Point (Romania)
–Short listed for Jury Award and Audience Award | KCUFF (United States)


–Best Film | Vancouver Latin American Film Festival (Canada)
–Best Film | Festcine Itaúna (Brazil)
–Best Editing | Festcine Itaúna (Brazil)
–Best Sound | Festcine Itaúna (Brazil)
–Jury’s Award | FIC Rio (Brazil)


Written and directed - Pedro Oranges and Victor Cazuza

Dante Preto as the Older Brother
Gustavo Coelho as the Younger Brother
Teka Romualdo as Mom
Denis Franco da Silva as the Police Officer

Executive Production - Pedro Oranges and Victor Cazuza
Production - João Caroli
Photography Direction - Victor Cazuza
Art Direction - Winnie Ramos and Lunna Touronoglou
Post Coordinator and Assembly - João Falsztyn
Original Sound Track - Deekapz
Casting Director - Diogo Ferreira
Wardrobe - Juliana Santos
Assistant Director - Tays Perez
Color Grading - Juliana Muniz
VFX - Luca Rassi
Sound Technician + Mixing - Henrique Gentil
1o assistant Camera - Igor Almeida
Location Producers - Jefferson Zappa e Juliana Muniz
Gaffer - Aline Lins
Stunt Coordinator - Freitas
Poster Photography - Bel Lafer
Poster Design and Lettering - Isabela Valentini

Bel lafer, Anne Hubbel | Eastman Kodak Company, Martin McGlone | Kodak Film Lab London, João Guilherme Thiesi, Ricardo Oranges, Cenimar Soares and Rachel Barnett.